This Song Gets It

I am absolutely in love with this song and thought I’d share it with everyone.


Personal Mission Statement

I never thought of having one of these until I had to do it for a class. Here is mine:

It is my personal mission to live a life that makes me happy. I shall not strain for other’s people definition of happiness. Day by day I will make the best choices for myself that does not hurt others or the Earth.

 I will take each moment as it comes, whether it is good or bad. I have to allow myself to feel everything to live a full life.

 I will remember that everything on this earth is connected and do my best to think about everything surrounding me not just myself.

 I will help others not just by handing them a way out of suffering, but also by teaching them in some way to get out of it themselves.

 I will work hard to better myself everyday by finding things about myself that I can improve.

 I will allow myself to adventure whether it’s in my own backyard or across the world. Meeting new people and trying new things can better my own thoughts and beliefs.I live to be someone that people will love, respect, and seek advice from. I will go moment from moment always trying to do the best I can, but not blaming myself if I fall from that path sometimes. I will be happy in every sense of the word.

Things I Took for Granted as an American Student

Dear fellow American students,

We are spoiled. I know that I’m just one person comparing the few experiences I’ve had with universities in America and international universities, but from my perspective we are living breezy. I’m going to start making a list of things that come with the standard university package in the US, but are luxuries in most other countries.

1. Free wifi: you take one step onto an American university and you’ll have seven options of free wifi to connect to with no data limits and only a few restrictions of what you can and can not do. You mean you are in your dorm a little bit off campus? Does the university own it? Then you have free wifi.

2. Free laundry: I’m seriously going to be a poor woman after this semester because it’s $3 for a load of laundry. $2 more if you want to use the dryer instead of air drying it (I will always pick air drying it)

3. Food courts: There are several little cafés here at Griffith, but you won’t find the amount you would in the states. None of your favorite fast foods will ever be a 2 minute walk from the library.

4. Gym memberships: Every college student I have ever met was able to get into their gym for free. You could use the equipment and take some group classes, like, Zumba, yoga, or cycling, all without spending a cent.

5. Free public transportation: you know that bus everyone else has to pay to get on? You can get on for free with your tiny piece of plastic with your face on it. Need a ride to the mall? There is a special free bus for that too.

6. Copious amounts of free shit: I could clothe an army with the free shirts I’ve gotten in three years at Mason. I was excited for orientation here because I thought they’d for sure give the study abroad kids free shirts. WRONG. They were $2. I got a free shirt for going to my pre-departure orientation in America, but wasn’t so lucky here.

So, the next time you feel like your university isn’t doing anything for you come check out this list. It’ll probably be a little bit bigger ever time you visit. Be grateful for what you have.

Take the Good with The Bad

Tips for Dealing with a Bad Day

  1. Eat a chocolate bar and have your favorite soda. (Fuck anyone that tells you it’s bad for you.)
  2. Breathe
  3. Go for a walk while jamming to your favorite music
  4. Book an adventure (big or small)
  5. Accept that shitty things happen and move on. You can’t see or get any of the good if you’re stuck on the bad.


Below is my shitty day that these tips were born out of:

When I was leaving for Australia, my program director told me to expect to miss home pretty soon. I figured I would be okay because she had dealt with a lot of people that had never left home before. I was already four hours away from home and only going home every couple of months.

Then my fridge broke (do they even call it a fridge in Australia?)

Something so little just pushed me the right way to make me how far I am from anyone I know and knowing how to fix all of my problems on my own. My roommates were the ones that realized it and moved all my food to a public fridge (I deeply appreciate them not letting my food die, don’t get me wrong) and I still have no idea where my food is because I haven’t seen my roommates since.

It freaked me out and everything just seemed to go downhill from there. I still don’t have everything set up for my internship mainly my blue card, which they haven’t even gotten the application from the school yet. I missed my first tutorial in one of my classes because I got an email from another class saying that we didn’t have tutorials in week 1. So, basically it was all a mess.

Finally, I got my laundry done and received a phone call from Explore Blog with Griffith. I had applied to be a blogger for them while I’m here and she said my application sounded like a perfect fit. I’m currently getting that all set up and I couldn’t be happier, especially with the $100 Red Balloon certificate. I calmed down and ate a chocolate bar and had a Coke, then signed up for whale watching. A couple of months ago, such a bad start to a day would have left me in bed wallowing all day. I just have to let myself feel every little emotion whether it is happiness, stress, homesickness, or whatever. I’m going to be alright.

Lonely Planet is My Best Friend

Honestly, I don’t know how anyone functions going places without it. I was getting so nervous that I wasn’t going to be able to do a lot while I was in Australia because I have very little money, no car, and no friends. I told myself to calm down and figure some things out. Of course, it lead me to a Lonely Planet article. If you are in Australia and trying to get around, I put the link down below! Happy traveling!

Australia on a Shoestring

Standing On My Own

For those of you that will actual read this, you’ll probably hear more about how I feel about my self and my life than some of my best friends. I’ve arrived on the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia slightly over a week ago. I have never been so nervous, but comfortable at the same time. Although I left my hometown directly after high school, I was always connected to other people in some way. Sometimes it was just that we shared the same culture and now that I am here all of those things that kept me inside my comfort zone are gone. I feel like I have learned so much about myself already.

The biggest thing that this has taught me is that I can stand on my own. It’s not in a way that I’m financially stable (believe me, I’m not) or that I know exactly where my life is going (I also don’t know that either). It is that I am finally living for myself and not others. When I first began college I let so many people into my life that did not deserve a place there simply because I did not want to be alone. Most of the days here at Griffith I have been alone, but I’m so happy. It has shown me that the people that are suppose to be in my life will be there. I no longer have to worry that I’m missing out when I’m binge watching Supernatural instead of going to have awkward small talk. I am letting myself do whatever makes me happy in that moment not worrying about what others may think. I allow myself to get drunk if I want or go to bed at 9 p.m. while everyone heads out for a night on the town. I go out and do volunteer work because there are always such beautiful people there and go to programs even if others would deem them dorky.

I am finally living for me. It may have taken putting thousands of miles between myself and my comfort zone, but I am changing for the better. I have such a love for life now, especially when I’m able to just lay in bed and read A Clash of Kings. I am letting go of everything that held me back from being myself. I’m thrilled to see what all can now happen in my life in these next couple of months. Hopefully, you’ll stick around to see them happen.


Letting go. Letting myself live. Breathing.