Just a Friendly Reminder

Always, always, always ask people how they are doing even if they seem okay. Today the woman that runs my tute made the comment that she knows who I am because of my big smile. This week has been one of the hardest for me in a long time. I haven’t been feeling super up to stuff, then it started to get to the point where my mind was keeping me up at night. I didn’t go to my lecture for that tutorial today because I was just content to stay in bed. I am tired and I don’t really have any reason to be sad. I am having a great time here and making friends, but a lot of the time you don’t have a say on how you feel sometimes with depression just how you are going to deal with it. I know myself and I know how I’m feeling all because I went and talk to someone before. I am able to realize these things and I’m able to push myself out of these funks. What is really important are those people that haven’t realized why they have days like this or how to feel better. I did find it absolutely amazing though here in Australia that every single one of my professors and anyone that runs a tute started off the year by saying that if you have problems like anxiety, depression, etc. to talk to them and that they would be understanding. I was never comfortable telling my professors things like that in the states because it all seemed like they were just expecting me to use it as an excuse, which lead to a lot of times me making myself absolutely miserable to get a grade I’d be happy with. I am not at a point where this will affect my course work now, but I’m glad I know that I am working with such open minded and acceptable people at the uni. So, if you feel that someone around you might be struggling, ASK. If you don’t feel comfortable enough to ask, find someone that will, whether that’s a classmate, friend, professor, or professional. So many people just need to know how they are feeling is normal and that’s why I write things like this so maybe someone will feel a little better or realize they need to go talk to someone. One of my favorite messages that TWLOHA pumps out in their campaigns is that people need other people. People need to know that others care, that they notice them, that other people are going through the same things they are. So, reach out to the people around you, whether they are best friends or acquaintance and make them feel loved and needed.

If you are having problems and don’t feel like you have anyone to talk to, you can comment below and I’ll talk to you. If you feel that it is beyond that, then seek help. If you are a student, then most universities and schools can help you out for free, which is AMAZING. Take advantage of that even if you are just feeling blue. Remember, if things get too bad too quickly, you can always call a hotline.

United States: 1-800-273-8255

Australia:13 11 14

If you are some where else, the number for your country’s hotline is just a quick internet search away

There is no shame in taking care of yourself. Be proud of getting better.


Somedays You Just Want to Listen About Love

Well, love or something like that. I just want to lay around and listen to music with people. Anyone, anywhere. Is it time for festivals yet? I’m not a big person on wanting people around, but today all I want is someone to lay next to me or just dance around really dumb with me.


Come On

The universe just likes to fuck with me. I’m pretty sure this guy that lives here in the same little community as me is perfect. I’ve some how accomplished creeping on all his social media and it doesn’t stop. It’s like if you would take all the good things from the shitty people I dated plus some other really interesting qualities and threw thing into one person. He is constantly surrounded by people though. So, I highly doubt I’ll ever speak to him or that he even knows who I am. He probably has a girlfriend, at least I think he does from being a creep, which kills any chance of me speaking to him even more. Who gave me morals and made me shy when there are people like him out there?


I lose.

The Best Song for a Rainy Day

It’s been cold and rainy all day. So, instead of going out tonight, I’m getting lots of work done so I can play all next week. Lots and lots of tea will be drank, books will be read, and Supernatural will be watched very soon once the work is done! This song is the BEST for rainy days. Now I just need someone to lay here and get work done with me then cuddle later.


Dear World, I Know I’m Tiny

Alright, world, we need to have a serious talk. You don’t need to comment on how small I am. I am not talking about being thin, I am just barely 5’2″. If you think I’ve missed this somehow, then you obviously never heard me tell the story that the boys I would walk home with would tell me that you had to be at least 5’3″ to walk on the sidewalk. If you are joking around with me, then that is absolutely fine. Be prepared for me to tell you something about how giants were always the bad guys in stories or something else about how freakishly tall you are. Under no circumstances, should you assume just because I’m little that I can’t do things. Yes, I can pick that up and I can reach that one thing. If I need help, I won’t be too proud to ask for it. You don’t have to treat me like a child just because I can still fit into kid sized clothes and shoes. There is a big difference between being a genuinely nice person and being someone that thinks my size holds me back. I am a lot stronger than a lot of guys that I know even. So, the next time you are around someone that is short, just remember to not be a dick.