Dear World, I Know I’m Tiny

Alright, world, we need to have a serious talk. You don’t need to comment on how small I am. I am not talking about being thin, I am just barely 5’2″. If you think I’ve missed this somehow, then you obviously never heard me tell the story that the boys I would walk home with would tell me that you had to be at least 5’3″ to walk on the sidewalk. If you are joking around with me, then that is absolutely fine. Be prepared for me to tell you something about how giants were always the bad guys in stories or something else about how freakishly tall you are. Under no circumstances, should you assume just because I’m little that I can’t do things. Yes, I can pick that up and I can reach that one thing. If I need help, I won’t be too proud to ask for it. You don’t have to treat me like a child just because I can still fit into kid sized clothes and shoes. There is a big difference between being a genuinely nice person and being someone that thinks my size holds me back. I am a lot stronger than a lot of guys that I know even. So, the next time you are around someone that is short, just remember to not be a dick.


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