Keep Truckin’ Forward

Things just seemed to have hit a wall for me. I’ve been trying to just put myself out there and meet people and be more open, but it all just seems a little pointless. It probably isn’t, but that’s just how I’m feeling at this point. Just dippin’ back down to a state a little less than feeling okay. I have to just keep moving forward though and things will work out and be better. Even if that means getting excited about getting up to go to class, going to the store, and actually getting laundry done. Sometimes you just have to be happy to still be moving forward even when you feel this stuck. I think it’s because it’s my favorite and birthday month and I’m not doing so many things that are my normal things to be doing during this time of year. Oh well, I’m going climbing tonight and that’s good. So, I’ll let myself get a flat white. Now I just have to figure out some little things to make this month feel a little more normal.

  • Get to the Yatala drive-in
  • Go to Fright Night at Movie World
  • Find a spooky book or two to read (If you have any suggestions, let me know!)
  • Watch a lot of horror movies

All of my favorite shows are coming back this month too. So, I have so much to look forward to. I just have to keep moving forward.



I was late getting to where I needed picked up for climbing because of my laundry. It’s all okay though. I got a lot of stuff done and I’ll be able to get enough sleep to wake up for my 9am. Plus, it probably wouldn’t be too good if I scraped my new tattoo off the wall. You just gotta stay positive and positive things will happen (like my roommate being downstairs to hear my knock when I left my key in my room).


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