Simple but Sweet

I always thought I had such a boring name until I started to realize how much it is meant for me. Jennifer is so simple, but it has so many meanings behind it that make so much sense that it’s what I go by. I guess the universe knew what it was doing when it put that little idea into my mom’s head. Even funnier, my dad was away buying a coffee when my mom decided on Jennifer. He got a five dollar bill back that had, “Use this wisely, Jennifer” written on it. He still has it today and is keeping it safe for me. I never plan to use it. I’ll probably frame it or do something else with it. I remember asking him to see it all the time when I was little. It’s crazy how the universe works.

There are two other little bits to my name that I love so much. Jennifer means the fair one, which totally makes sense for my complexion. I love how pale I am even though it doesn’t necessarily fit into today’s ideals of “beauty.” The other one is that it translates to Kinipela in Hawaiian, which also means wave. I like that so much because I’m always changing, always moving. I want to keep growing into a better person even if that means smashing myself into pieces to come back as something better.

I am so lucky to have a name that so many other’s have, but have so many connections that it that are uniquely my own.


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