Have a Look at Your Connections

When everyone hears that word they think of all the people they have in lives. So many people would never think of all the connections you have to the earth. It’s been on my mind lately just how connected I am with it. Just like the trees in fall, I change with the seasons. My hair changes colors and my eyes get darker or lighter along with the color of my skin whether it’s retreating back to pale or all my freckles are making their debut. I feel entirely different by the ocean than I do in somewhere in the forest. People like to think we are so above the trees and plants that live based on the seasons and sun, but I don’t think we are. It affects us just the same, but no one takes the time to pay attention to it.

There’s something bigger that people are missing and maybe that is why people are so oblivious to what we are doing to the environment and everything around us. Maybe if everyone had to stop and feel how big of a role everything around us plays in our lives.

There is something there. Something always pulling and pushing you to where you need to be. You just have to open your heart and mind to it.

All the parts of me change with the seasons. You can’t tell me I’m not connected to this earth.


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