Looking for Some Support

All the time that I have spent in Australia has opened my eyes to how connect this world is, especially our problems. One thing that happens way over here can still affect my home across the world and vice-versa. In 2018, the Gold Coast will be hosting the Commonwealth Games and such a large event has the potential to really impact the environment. That is why a group of concerned students and faculty members from Griffith University are trying to get them to live up to their name of the “Green Games.” Plastics are one of the biggest problems that negatively affect ecological systems on land and in the ocean. We are looking for the games to limit their use of plastics to help keep not only the Gold Coast beautiful, but the world as a whole. Just small things like providing reusable water bottles with hydration stations, not using balloons, and not using plastic bags is something that could make a great difference. So, stand with us and sign the petition that I’ve linked below. Show them that the whole world is watching and wants to see them set the standard for how an event of this size should and can be operated. If you want to do even more, then share it with anyone else that you feel would support this cause!

Petition to Limit the Use of Plastics at the 2018 Commonwealth Games


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