Music with Meaning is Better

If you’re into music with some meaning behind it then you should get on to Nahko and Medicine for the People and Dustin Thomas.



Charles Bukowski said,

“The free soul is rare, but you know when you see it- basically because you feel good, very good when you are near or with them.”

So, I hope you feel good when you are next to me.

Because I know it’s killing you that I won’t let you hold onto me.

Go read the silly words I write over on my Words Put Together page and tell me what you like, what you don’t like. How I can be better and what not.

How Do You Fall in Love with a Place?

I always thought those I left my heart in wherever shirts and mugs were so cheesy. That was because I always had this idea that you couldn’t really fall in love with a place, but it was just the people that you were leaving behind. Now that I have only a week left in Australia, I know that you absolutely can fall in love with a place. That it will take a piece of your heart and your soul when you leave. I’ve met a lot of people here, but there are no connections that are holding me here. It does not change the fact that I can feel my heart breaking when I think about how little time I have left here.

The lands hold a familiarity to it that does not make sense because everything I know is miles away and completely different. I felt like I belonged here when I arrived and that did so much for allowing me to explore by myself. I did not feel like I needed all these people around me because I felt so at home. This place gave me so much more than I could have asked for.

The land gave me comfort beneath my feet whether it was beaches or forests. The sun create a color show for me outside of my window every morning. The ocean welcomed me and showed me so much. Every moment that took my breath away here was tied to the land, the ocean, or the animals that call this place home. No humans, just this place and all it’s beauty.

I have fallen so in love with this place and I know that for the rest of my life I will have a yearning to return to the parts of me that I leave here.

Open Up

There’s one thing I don’t think I will ever understand about people, which is that they have these lists of things that people need to meet for them to consider being friends with or date another person. I’m not saying that it’s weird for people to have standards like not dating people that are assholes or anything, but I’m talking about these things that people pick out and won’t give up. She has to surf, he needs to be able to play an instrument, and so on. How many people are you cutting out just because they don’t meet this weird qualifications?

I am absolutely sure that if you would go out and ask happy couples if the person that they were with met all the criteria of their
“perfect mate” that no one could say they were with what they use to picture as perfect. Certain hair colors, height, and hobbies are such little things that shouldn’t be dictating the people that get a chance of being the right person.

The best person for you could be someone you never even thought you’d be attracted to. Being with someone just like yourself would also be really boring. A good relationship helps both people grow and learn more about themselves. The more differences in hobbies or other things just means there will be more to teach each other. All you really need is two people that are passionate about things and, boom, that could be a great relationship.

I’m just saying that you should open up and let all kinds of people into your life. You’ll always be learning and growing whether it be with friends or relationships.

There’s So Much Cool Stuff Happening

So, today I got sucked into YouTube because I was watching surfing videos. Why? I don’t surf and I can’t really judge how impressive what I’m watching truly is. I’ve tried to surf, but it’s not like I’m really into it. It is seriously so amazing though and so cool. It lead me to this wild Red Bull video about all the new technology scientists are working on to keep pushing surfing forward.

I just don’t understand how people can think the world is so boring and focus so much of their energy on the bad when there is so much cool shit that people are doing. It doesn’t matter if you drink Red Bull or hate it, but you can’t deny what they are doing is cool. People everywhere are doing wild things everyday and we have the lovely internet to learn about them. You can learn about awesome things steps forward in science, steps forward in humanity, and everything. There are people out there making a difference and changing the world in the most simple ways. You just have to wake up and pay attention to it.

Who knows where the technology these guys are making for surfing could be used. I just wanted to share it with you and to remind you that there is amazing stuff always going on.

Make It Happen

Australia is the land of epiphanies for me. It may be because I am so out of my element or whatever else, but I’ve been able to figure so much about myself and my life this couple of months that I’ve been here. That last one happened when I was one my way to go bungee jumping (which was totally awesome by the way and all adventure junkies should give it a try). The girl that was driving our van was talking about how she had moved up to Cairns and about how she always hears people talk about how they wished they could live there. She only had one sentiment about that and it was, “just make it happen.”

How often do you sit around and think of wow, I wish I could do this or go there? I know I do it all the time. Coming to Australia, I was able to make so many things happen that I have always dreamed of doing. It took until I heard just that one phrase from a girl that I’ll never meet again to realize that my life is going to be all that I make it. I am extremely lucky that there aren’t a lot of things that are out of my reach if I put enough of my time and self into them. I’m going to have a degree that can get me work anywhere, I can go seek further education somewhere cool or come back here, and I can only keep going from there.

I know that most things aren’t going to work by just deciding I want to do them and I’ll have them the next day. It’s takes a lot of work and time, but you just gotta make it happen. It also goes for little things like trying new things and learning new skills. It’s one big world full of opportunities to go out and take.

One day, I want to look back on my life and be able to have my Penny Lane moment and be able to say that it’s all happening.