Open Up

There’s one thing I don’t think I will ever understand about people, which is that they have these lists of things that people need to meet for them to consider being friends with or date another person. I’m not saying that it’s weird for people to have standards like not dating people that are assholes or anything, but I’m talking about these things that people pick out and won’t give up. She has to surf, he needs to be able to play an instrument, and so on. How many people are you cutting out just because they don’t meet this weird qualifications?

I am absolutely sure that if you would go out and ask happy couples if the person that they were with met all the criteria of their
“perfect mate” that no one could say they were with what they use to picture as perfect. Certain hair colors, height, and hobbies are such little things that shouldn’t be dictating the people that get a chance of being the right person.

The best person for you could be someone you never even thought you’d be attracted to. Being with someone just like yourself would also be really boring. A good relationship helps both people grow and learn more about themselves. The more differences in hobbies or other things just means there will be more to teach each other. All you really need is two people that are passionate about things and, boom, that could be a great relationship.

I’m just saying that you should open up and let all kinds of people into your life. You’ll always be learning and growing whether it be with friends or relationships.


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