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Why You Should Keep a Journal

I am really confused why everyone thinks it’s an embarrassing thing to keep a journal once you aren’t a preteen. I just recently started keeping a journal and I feel like I’ve been missing out. It’s amazing¬†whether you start it Dear Journal or just scribble down your thoughts. I go for the just writing everything and anything down. I use it to keep a nice little collection or memories and also to get all the thoughts that I probably shouldn’t share with other people out of my head. I thought when I first started this that I was going to be able to do it here, but it still wasn’t letting me release as much as I needed to. I didn’t want to write names or really rant or rave about things/people. Looking back I’m a little embarrassed I put as much as I did on here. It was a big struggle of whether i should leave it all up or not. I went with yes because it’s part of who I am and what I was experiencing when I was abroad. It’s nothing to ashamed of, but maybe just not something that needed to be out there for EVERYONE to see. So, the next time you are at a bookstore or even just Walmart, pick up a journal and start using it! It doesn’t need to be something you commit to writing in every day or to set goals for, but something to has as a backup for bad days or good days when you can’t find anyone to let it all out to.

Journaling also has some great health benefits and it will definitely improve your writing!

How is Success a Bad Thing

I will never fully understand people get upset when bands or artists they like start to gain more of a following. Shouldn’t you be pumped to see how many people are finally finding out about what a great band they are? That people that make music you love are actually able to live off of it and realize what is probably their biggest dream? You have probably spent time talking, Tweeting, or blogging about them. You bought shirts, CDs, and shared them with your friends, but once it’s outside of the circle that you see fit as “fans” then it’s time to throw a fit?

I understand that means probably paying more for tickets or being a little more stuffed into venues when they come to town, but why not just enjoy the fact that you got to see a band grow like that? The band that comes to mind for me is Wild Child. I found out about them right before they released The Runaround from my Discover page on Spotify. I got to see them at the Black Cat in D.C. and twice at Bonnaroo. I just saw them a fourth time this past January at 9:30 Club and it warmed my heart to see how much they grew. They had adorable stage lights and backgrounds now. I may not get the intimate settings of them coming down into the crowd to, but ¬†they mentioned how much of a dream it was to play there and that’s enough for me.

Just remember that if you are going to support a band, that it isn’t something to keep for yourself. Spread what you love and be happy to see where they end up.

Fake Money is the Best Money

I don’t know why more people haven’t pick up on how many different ways there are to have money without having money. Maybe I picked it up more because I’m a broke college student, but there are so many ways to pay for things without having to have money. I’m not talking like big important things or having to take out loans, but ways to be able to still have fun when you are short on cash. I think a lot of people go for them because it makes you out to be that “annoying” friend. Who cares when you can get stuff for free?! I have gotten free Pura Vida bracelets, free tickets to Bonnaroo, or a free meal just because I was willing to share or retweet something. That just takes a few moments of your time and when you cross that threshold into something that might take about 15 minutes, then you are getting great rewards like actual money. On college campuses, especially, people are looking for people to take surveys or sitting through meetings just to get feedback or some information for their thesis. It usually means ten to twenty dollars in your pocket at the end of the day. It is basically no work for all of these rewards or real money, but no one takes advantage of it. So, the next time a company asks you to share, like, or fill out a survey for them, do it! You’ll never know what the advantages might be!

Getting Back to It

Finally my life has fallen back into a routine that I can work with and function again. Thanks goodness, right? 2015 is treating me so well and I am so excited about so many things. Writing more is one of them. I have to write a blog for one of my courses this semester. I am going to try to write here every time I have in my planner to write for class. The more I’m writing the better I get and the more I can get out of my head in one way or another. It was actually one of my resolutions for the year. I had three and I am going to write them down here because it will help me to keep going on with them.

  1. Stop comparing myself to others
  2. Keep going with my yoga and meditation practice
  3. Use my blog and my personal journal more often

I am feeling so great about my future and my life right now. Although I am graduating late and not going straight to grad school like so many people wanted me to, I have so much faith that I am going to end up great places. I have a pretty cool idea for a project and I think I’m going to start really working on that soon. Just keep my head up and keep going with a smile on my face is the theme for 2015.


If you want to check out my blog for my course, it’s here.


Moving back to a country and an old life after temporarily removing yourself from it is weird. It is hard and all I want to do is fix this blog up and run it like I want to now. I have a million ideas for cool blogs and just can’t find the time with how crazy this semester is. SOON.