Fake Money is the Best Money

I don’t know why more people haven’t pick up on how many different ways there are to have money without having money. Maybe I picked it up more because I’m a broke college student, but there are so many ways to pay for things without having to have money. I’m not talking like big important things or having to take out loans, but ways to be able to still have fun when you are short on cash. I think a lot of people go for them because it makes you out to be that “annoying” friend. Who cares when you can get stuff for free?! I have gotten free Pura Vida bracelets, free tickets to Bonnaroo, or a free meal just because I was willing to share or retweet something. That just takes a few moments of your time and when you cross that threshold into something that might take about 15 minutes, then you are getting great rewards like actual money. On college campuses, especially, people are looking for people to take surveys or sitting through meetings just to get feedback or some information for their thesis. It usually means ten to twenty dollars in your pocket at the end of the day. It is basically no work for all of these rewards or real money, but no one takes advantage of it. So, the next time a company asks you to share, like, or fill out a survey for them, do it! You’ll never know what the advantages might be!


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