Pick It Up

Dear dog parents of the world, please pick up after your dog. I know it’s not fun, but it is necessary. I have such a hard time finding a place that allows me to have a dog in Northern Virginia. It only makes sense that this upscale neighborhoods don’t want to rent to someone that is going to inconvenience other residents. I can’t go to some parks or different outside areas that would be great because sometime before me careless dog owners where there first. I’m not asking that you make sure that every last bit is wiped off the blades of grass, but do your best. It makes me so angry when I walk my dog on the same path everyday and know that so many people that I frequently see might think that my dog and I are the one’s leaving the mess behind. So, if you need some encouragement to scoop, here it is.

  1. It is bad for the environment. Not only does it carry diseases that can affect people and other animals, but it contaminates the water supply. It also kills grass, which makes HOAs hate dogs even more. Stop hurting the environment and just pick it up.
  2. You’re making people restrict responsible dog owners from places. I can’t take my dog on this trail or into this natural park that is literally just wide open space? Wonder how much people had to step in poop that someone left behind before are furry friends finally got banned all together.
  3. It’s gross and karma will get you. Do you need another reason? It is super gross and if you are creating a bad name for other dog parents or ruining someone’s day by leaving it behind, then it’ll come back to you. Maybe by having to move somewhere else over pet restrictions or maybe by stepping in some without socks on.

It is really simple. There are so many great products for not only picking up, but also removal. You don’t need to get fancy and build your own dog poop septic tank system, but just picking it up can make a huge difference. If you want to do a little more without getting too serious, then flushing dog waste is the next best thing!


6 thoughts on “Pick It Up

  1. I am so with you on this! I always have to be right by my toddler when he is walking around in any park, because anything they see they have to touch it and worst, they have to taste it!


    1. It only takes one instance when a parent looks away for a moment to be enough to ban dogs from a park! The one day my friend wanted her daughter to be able to play with my dog to see if she was okay with them and it took us awhile to find somewhere that was suitable for her and allowed dogs.


      1. It’s one out of many reasons, but it is the most preventable. It ruins the curb appeal of a park and could also harm the wildlife or plant life that they have there.


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