Stop Pushing

So, it’s a new year and I could say what all of my resolutions are, but there are none. I’ve realized the best thing for myself is to stop pushing so much. I just push ideas of what I should be doing, what I should look like, what type of friend/sister/girlfriend I should be and it’s not helpful. I’m going to just stop pushing and let things happen.

That doesn’t mean that I’m not going to try to make great changes in my life. It just means that if I fall short or drop off of some of those things or ideas that I’m not going to be disappointed in myself for it. I know I want to write here more and I’ve said that before. I even knew that when I did my posts for school that I wanted to write on here too, but that didn’t happen. I got so mad that I couldn’t keep up with that schedule that I didn’t come back to write here for so long.

I’m not a schedule person. I’ll probably never be a schedule person. I don’t think that everyone needs a set schedule all the time. I still have a routine, but when it gets done, it gets done. So, I’m going to stop pushing myself to be something I’m not and focus on how to be better at being me.

One of the first things is that I’m going to stop saying sorry when I want to say thank you (inspired by this lovely comic).

Thank you, for still reading, even if I drop off the face of the Earth from time to time.