If you feel too crazy for relationships…

So, I’m writing this from my boyfriend’s basement as we get ready to go from┬ánormal couple to being in a long distance relationship. For the next few months, it will only be a distance of three hours. That could change to either being only two hours or maybe all the way up to eight hours. I know there will be at least one two weekish period of me being in Brazil, a trip to a music festival, and who knows where else I decide to adventure.

I’m scared and he’s getting nervous as much as he just wants to joke about it. I thought about writing this a long time ago when my sister had to reassure me that I am not crazy, but I’ve put it off until now. I am here to remind all of you that no matter what you think or feel that you are never too “crazy” for a lack of a better word to be in a relationship.

I know I have felt like that forever and I still do some days, but I think what keep perpetuating that idea was having unsupportive partners. Being jealous, being scared, being nervous, etc. in a relationship is so normal. I had to make myself realize this when I felt threaten by my boyfriend hanging out with a girl we are both friends with. She’s wonderful and I love her, but one day my brain said you should be nervous about their friendship. Why? Who Knows, but it did.

Where this part of my relationship become very different from any other before was that when I told him about what I was feeling he made sure to reassure me and to continuous make me feel better about the situation. That’s the key to success, as DJ Khaled would say. It made me sit down and think about all the things that he has put up with in the short ten months that we’ve been together.

Don’t ever feel like you don’t deserve a relationship or love, but make sure you take a look at the people giving it to you. If you suffer from a mental illness or if you don’t, the people around you should always be supportive and open to listening about what could make your relationships stronger whether it’s romantic relationships or friendships. Look for people that fall into that category and you’ll stop feeling so crazy.



Do Something Good for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow so a lot of people may be super bummed out or you may be stressed about what you think you should do for a fun date. I am here to say that whether you are single or involved that a great way to spend your day would be to do something good for the world around you! Service is the bees knees and will make you feel better and make people swoon at what a helpful babe you are to the community. It’s also a cool date activity.

Here are just a few ideas of what you could do this Valentine’s Day:

  1. Walk dogs at your local shelter or go socialize some cats if that’s your type of thing. A lot of shelters need help getting their pets exercised and socialized so why not help them out. If you are alone or if you’re with someone you care about, you might fall in love with a pet and that will be the best Valentine’s Day gift you ever receive.
  2. Give gifts that make a difference! There are tons of companies out there that support great initiatives by selling products. You can gift someone a wolf or an elephant or some other exotic animal (not really, but you still get cool stuff), buy a Love Your Melon hat, shop the Pura Vida charity based bracelets or buy wine for the night that will help others.
  3. Help clean up an area that you often visit. Do you like to hang out at a beach or hike a certain trail all the time? Well, go out and take a trash bag with you, then just starting picking up everything that doesn’t belong there! Make sure you take some gloves because sometimes it gets a little gross.
  4. Take time to visit seniors and let them tell you the stories of all of their best and worst Valentine’s Days. Take some candy or maybe some flowers to be on the safe side.
  5. Find other ways you can use your skills and talents to help the community! Are you a photographer, a writer, good with numbers or good at building things? Someone out there needs your help!

Make sure you take the time to figure out any requirements or restrictions for the activities before you run out of the house!

Have a beautiful Valentine’s Day whether you are in love or single!

Out of Control

One of the biggest things I’m realizing I need to work on in my life is understanding that I won’t always be in control of situations. Situations that are big or small or will greatly affect me or have no affect on my life. All of them are going to sometimes be out of my hands. As much as I wish I could, I will never be able to make decisions for other people.

I just have to accept that sometimes things are out of my hands, such as, just waiting for people to do my letters of recommendation for graduate school. I got so stressed, but even if they wouldn’t have been done, I would have been fine. I’m always fine because I can always adapt and make things work. I think that’s one of my best qualities that I overlook. It is all good.

It is all happening. I’m good.