Small town let down

Coming back home to my small town home between my undergraduate and graduate studies was a big thing that I was not looking forward to initially. I reconnected with friends and I was excited to get some things lined up to keep me busy during my time here without driving my best friends up a wall from magically being home for a couple of months. One of the most exciting things I got involved with was helping my long time friend Christian make videos for some of his music and helping him start to find ways to get it out there. They aren’t’ groundbreaking or anything, but it helps me get better and helps him get views so that is all I care about. That is where I came upon my the revelation that everyone wants to be the one that makes it out of a small town, but no one wants to help others get there.

Don’t get me wrong. There are a lot of beautiful, talented people in my hometown but it is far from what we’ll ever be known for even if someone does get famous. I was so bummed when I heard story after story of people telling him no or falling through last minute. It wasn’t like he was asking people to build the next Ark or anything. Just help with this or maybe come hang out just so he could bounce ideas or lyrics off of someone else. It just blows my mind that in a town that is so connected that people are still just so focused on themselves. People that could use their talents to help each other move forward, learn new things, meet people, and so on and so forth just shutting the door in each other’s faces.

People always hear famous people talk about how they brought their city up to be something great or at least something better. I don’t know why we all think we need to wait around for fame to help each other, though…

Anyway, if you are interested in music, specifically hip hop/rap, then check out the video we made. If you like that, check out everything else Christian has been putting out for years.