A Peek into Someone’s Brain

To understand the true quality of people, you must look into their minds, and examine their pursuits and aversions. -Marcus Aurelius

Listening to people talk about things that interest them or care about is one of my favorite things. A lot of people my age want to talk shit on people that get hype about things they care about when they talk, which I don’t fully understand. To watch someone’s body language change and to see someone have to try to physically not show how excited something gets them is one of the coolest and most interesting conversations you can have with someone.

It seems that you have to be on a certain level to talk about things in that manner or people just label you as a groupie or something along those lines. Those conversations don’t really exist just normally and only come about once in awhile with the right people. The one place I found they do exist, mostly all the time, are in good interviews. I’m not talking about ones that will probably end up on TV or the little snippets you would hear on the radio.

Sit down and pick some of your favorite people that are doing bigger things and look up interviews for them. Don’t tell yourself you have to sit through a whole hour if it sucks, but you might end up just watching interviews for half of your day on accident because they are so interesting.

Tyler, The Creator is one of my favorites that I can just watch for hours. He doesn’t want to be asked the typical questions or give typical answers. He wants to talk about what he cares about and how he turned that into whatever he wanted whether it was music, a clothing line, or a carnival. I remember watching the small clip of the interview Tyler did with Vince Staples and instantly having to get the Golf Media app because I wanted to watch the rest of it.

They talk about how they view things, how their brains work, things that get them excited and it’s so intriguing to me. So, if you want to get into someone else’s brain a little, then I suggest finding some good interviews and if they are really good, then send them to me to watch too.


Review of my Passion Planner

Okay, if you’re like me then life runs and feels a lot better when you are constantly making to-do lists and are able to physically see your calendar. I know that I can do both of those things on my phone, but for some reason, it just doesn’t get the job done quite like having a planner. If you’re continuing the trend of being like me, then you also don’t like to spend a lot of money on stuff. Seeing people buy $75 planners that are literally just like the ones from Walmart blows my mind.

I started my search for a new planner and one with a little more depth to it before the start of this year. I don’t exactly where exactly I stumbled upon Passion Planner, but I’m 97% sure that it was Instagram. I am sure that I will never go back to another planner, especially if they keep pumping out news looks.

Passion Planners aren’t just where you can write down your schedule broken down into months, weeks, and hours of the day. How they break theirs down though is probably one of my favorites that I have seen that makes me feel like I actually have enough space to really plan not just guesstimate at times. It is also a journal and a somewhere that you can set goals that you are reminded of all the time.

I keep a journal, but sometimes I don’t feel the need to write a whole page about what I did that day, which is where my planner comes in handy. Each weekly page spread provides areas for the week’s focus, day-by-day focus, a little area to jot down good things that happened, two sets of to-do lists, and extra space for doodling or in my case usually taping in photos. That combined with fun quotes throughout, monthly reflections, and areas to think big picture instead of just week-by-week help the Passion Planner to become something that encompasses your plans, emotions, and dreams.

The planner itself is bound in faux-leather with an elastic band to keep it shut so you don’t have to worry about it or the pages getting bent up if it’s something you carry around with you frequently. A small ribbon helps to keep your place and makes it easier to flip it open, check what needs down, and keep moving. The pages around super thick or tough, which I like but some people are into a more cardstock feeling to their pages so if you are this might turn you off.

All around I would highly recommend Passion Planners to anyone looking for a new way to keep organized. They range between $25 and $30, but if you watch their Instagram or wait for some sales then you can get one for super cheap.

Check them out here!

Life Recently

I have slacked off a lot on this recently amongst other things. I was preparing for what was suppose to be a month of amazing experiences and meeting people, but it turned into the worst 48 hours of travel ever.

I had done everything correctly to be a volunteer with the 2016 Rio Olympic Games but ended up having to back out last minute. Every flight I had there was delayed, my luggage for a 22-day trip was lost, the hotel I had a reservation for didn’t accept it and tried to charge me twice as much, and to top it off my cards wouldn’t work despite having notified my bank of travel. I have to just accept that the universe did not want me there and had other plans for me. I don’t know what they are, but I hope they live up to the Olympics.

I’ve been pretty bummed out since coming home, which makes sense. It is hard to act like things like this aren’t pretty devastating and don’t knock my mood into a pretty bad place. That has been the number one thing that has been hardest for me after my suicide attempt. I’m not allowed to be sad anymore because it freaks everyone out. It is no longer just met with a hug and a pat on the back, but even if I just have a bad day someone will inevitably ask if I want to hurt myself again. It has felt like I can’t talk about much again.

I have been staying active and doing things after this setback and it’s only a month of keeping busy before grad school starts and I get to move Boston. Being in a new place keeps me so busy, especially because I know I will only have four months in Boston before I leave. Then it is off to Los Angeles for seven wonderful months, which means more sun and being near the ocean.

I plan on taking this extra time that I wouldn’t have to really prepare myself for classes, get back to writing on here more, and actually going out of my way to take photographs. I am really excited to do work on this page and make it more aesthetically pleasing, putting up more photos and poem (or things that resemble them), and trying out different writing styles. I am interested in doing reviews for different products I love in my life so look out for those.

Thanks to anyone that has stuck around for how crazy this blog has become. ❤