There’s always music

I’m so excited it’s almost October. My birthday, Halloween, and friends visiting are gonna make it perfect. Danny Brown finally released his song with Kendrick, Earl Sweatshirt, and Ab-Soul and it’s so weirdly perfect for October. Check it out with some other things that are new(ish to me) and I’m constantly playing

Danny Brown – Really Doe

Mac Miller – Cinderella

Zara Larsson – Ain’t My Fault

Astrid S – Hurts so Good


AirBNB: Not just for weekend getaways

I can’t stop telling all my friends that are going somewhere to check out AirBNB as well as hotels. Maybe it’s because I like feeling at home or being able to cook, but it’s probably that I have a real soft spot in my heart for new power companies. People helping people because hey, why not make some money making someone else’s life better. No matter the reason I love it, the world is starting to catch on and love is just as much as me. Even with it quickly gaining so much attention, a lot of users may be missing out on the service when they need it most.

I recently started a grad program at Boston University which requires me to be in Boston for only the fall semester. Four short months, then it’s time for a move to LA to finish my degree. If you have never tried to find a place for such a weird amount of time in a major city, then I can promise you from my experience that it is a pain. Everywhere I looked either did not accept my dog or wanted to hike my rent up to an insane amount to handle my weird lease length. One day I decided to just check AirBNB despite being pretty sure that I wouldn’t find anything. To my delight, I was very wrong.

I found an amazing place, right on a marina, with a park down the road and I don’t have to share my bathroom or kitchen with anyone. I did choose to stay outside of the city in Chelsea so I have a longer commute than most of my classmates, but I wouldn’t trade my place for somewhere within walking distance in a hot second. I’m saving money, I’m safe, I’m comfortable and I couldn’t ask for more from my hosts.

The next time you’re looking for a place to stay whether it’s a few nights or a few months, always remember to check out AirBNB!

Musical Identities

I fully stand by the idea that you can get to know someone a little better by seeing what kind of music they love. That’s why I am absolutely in love with the new Trading Playlists videos from Spotify. A lot of sports are always looking for ways to know just a little more about their favorite player. What type of person are they off the field and out of the public eye? I can absolutely see this series of video inspiring kids to listen to different music than what they typically do because their favorite athlete features it on their playlist.

The videos also give the fans a chance to see how a player reacts to their favorite songs and see the enthusiasm for sharing it with others. It’s a real maybe their just like us after all type of feel to see these guys so comfortable, laughing and dancing. Kudos to Spotify for coming up with a very cool way to interact with music and sports lovers. I’ll definitely be checking out all the videos.

Check this article out for more information and look on Spotify’s mobile app for all the videos

Perfect Grammar or Authenticity

The other day I took a look back through my blog and of course I found some typos, but part of me said to leave them. This isn’t a professional blog and it’s not like any of them were so big that people couldn’t understand me. I want to show my real self here and that means that it’s going to come with mistakes. The ones that had mistakes were the ones that I could not type out fast enough because I was so excited about the idea I had to blog about. I even said before that I’m not interested in perfect things in my life because they don’t leave room to grow or learn. I’m a real person still learning every day how to better my writing, my blog, my life, my everything. I want to be able to look back and see what slipped through. I want

I want to be able to look back and see what slipped through. I want

I want to see how I grew and changed.

I want to be a real person.

So, I hope those that have stuck around can deal with my mistakes here and there. If they are too awful, then let me know. Are there things that you just can’t handle when it comes to grammar mistakes made by others or do some mistakes make you feel like you’re getting something authentic and not edited?