#MV17 Student Profile: Jennifer Miller

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MS Media Ventures 2017

Jennifer wanted a program that taught her new skills without sacrificing creativity. Learn more about why the Media Ventures program was the right choice for her.

What is your background and why did you 14502749_10205810911666448_7276255643394420543_nchoose Media Ventures to supplement your future endeavors? 

I grew up in a small town in southwestern Pennsylvania, so I knew I wanted to get out and experience somewhere bigger, but not quite a city yet. I did my undergrad at George Mason University. I received my B.A. in Communication with a concentration in PR and a sports comm minor. Don’t worry, I’m not fancy, it’s just a lot of words. I also used my undergrad as a springboard into traveling with a two-week course in Kenya and a semester in Australia. After I graduated, I worked for awhile before deciding to apply to grad school. I knew that I wanted to something that could keep me in…

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Bad news on top of bad news

A close friend of mine has recently shared a story with me that was upsetting just to hear let alone live through. His step sister had been recently diagnosed with breast cancer and had to miss work for the appointments that could be saving her life. The company she works for, U.S. Bank, made the decision to let her go stating that it was on the grounds of her missing too much work.

I am no lawyer or anything of that sort, but things do not just seem to add up. It seems that something of this degree should be protected. No one needs to lose their job after already being dealt absolutely devastating news. If you have any advice for where to turn to, what to do, etc., please let me know and I will pass it on to them. It has been shared a lot through my whole friend group’s social media accounts so I thought I would come reach out to the WordPress community for any help or support.

If you want to help, please let U.S. Bank know that this decision is not commendable, provide support or advice for how to deal with this situation, or donate to her GoFundMe. To see this during a month that is so focused on supporting those battling against, recovered from, or those that have lost their fight with breast cancer makes me feel like so many efforts for this disease go unnoticed.

I will be doing all I can to help see this situation end in a favorable and helpful manner not just to Maureen, but to help a company see how their practices can hurt people and to improve their relationship with employees.

Keeping my head in the clouds

I like people who embrace their peculiarities, who aren’t afraid of drawing unwanted attention and would never dare soften their strangeness for others. People who demand their dreams into existence and speak thoughtfully and live passionately without reserve or reluctance. -Beau Taplin

I was told a very important thing a couple of days ago and I guess I’ve heard it my whole life, but it comes so seldom that sometimes I forget. That is to trust myself and to trust my ideas when I have faith in them. My whole life I’ve been told things like that I’m a waste of potential or that I could do so much more with my intelligence, but why can’t I use it the way I want to? I’ve been told that my personality wouldn’t fit into an office setting (because I have tattoos or cuss like a sailor or yadda yadda blah blah) or that I wouldn’t do well in grad school for one reason or the other. There’s always so many people telling you no whether they are trying to protect you or break you down that it is easy to forget people that support you. I have managed to do all of those and there is no reason to stop believing in myself now.

There could be someone out there that is desperately waiting for your idea or project or music. At some point, you will have to take that step to say that you know what you are doing and go for it. Will it always work out? Absolutely not, but it gets you one step closer to exactly where you are supposed to be. Do not give up who you are or what you love to be safe or please others. Demand your dream into existence as Beau says. At the end of the day, you are the number one thing you have and if you cannot be happy, then what is the point?

So, I’ll be over here with my head in the clouds thinking of some more ideas that people will tell me will never work just so I can prove them wrong (at least on some of them).