One semester down. Off to another

Better late than never, right? I’ve been done with my first semester of grad school for almost a month now and I am currently boogeying across the states to get ready to start my second. I’m finally driving all the way across the country (I promise I’ll make a post all about it once I get to California.)

MV17 babes at Inbound 2016

But back to the real reason I’m writing and that is to talk about how this semester went. I am pleased to report that I don’t think I’ve ever felt like I was on such a perfect path in life until this I started my grad program. Boston felt perfect. I love the people in my program. Everything seems like it is just falling into its correct place. 

My Boston home will always have a big chunk of my heart

It wasn’t always smiles and rainbows, but it got done and I actually did a lot better than I expected. I am even now leaning towards pursuing starting my company that is my thesis project after I finish my degree.

How insane is that? I left for this program thinking I would just cruise through the year and set myself up for a better career. Now, I have the confidence to pursue being an entrepreneur and have such amazing relationships whether they are new or old.

Got to show off Boston to a lot of friends, but also family like my aunt and sister

I absolutely fell in love with Boston. I was so excited that so many people I love were able to come up and visit. I was only there for four months and I was able to do so much. I do really enjoy this more nomadic lifestyle of being in places for just short amounts of time. We’ll see where that leads me.

I was able to have some great adventures in my four months. Diving with seals was probably my favorite

All I can do now is just keep trucking down this path that life has me on and smile at wherever I end up. Set on the present, but eager for being in LA and seeing where 2017 takes me.