First week in LA: Complete

My first week in LA is over, which is insane. I still feel like I just got here. The week was so nice and I am starting to settle in and adjust to the area. The driving isn’t bad, but it’ll be a lot easier once I know where I’m going without a GPS. I love my apartment, but with the owner leaving a lot of decorations it’s hard to make it feel like mine.

Santa Monica Pier

I’ve been able to explore a little more and I am so in love with the west coast. The Media Ventueres crew took a trip to Santa Monica, visited the Getty Museum, and were able to check out some restaurants and bars.

I’ve been trying to walk around my neighborhood to get to know the area more and to figure out a nice walking route for Luna. Today, we were able to go on our first hike. That also meant driving on the PCH for the first time to get there. It was absolutely beautiful and the views from the hike were stunning.

Sandstone Peak trail
Luna ❤
View from 3,111 feet
View from my car after finishing the hike

I cannot wait to see what else this amazing place brings me.


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