Dealing with Every Time You Fall into a Lull

When I started building out the idea of Justus Tickets, it was for a Communication in Business class during my time at George Mason University. It just had to write out a business plan and after that, I figured it was going to fade into the past like many other projects. The idea wouldn’t leave my head and I decided to send a cold email to Communion Music and actually got a response back to only get told that they weren’t interested. After that rejection, it went back into the back of my brain. The biggest lull the idea would experience would be from that time until I started my graduate program.

It was an easy choice to pull the idea back out of the little closet in the back on my brain when I was pitching startup ideas for my Media Ventures thesis project. Even amongst other great ideas, the one that settled with my classmates and professors as the best on was Justus Tickets. I know now that after building it out so much that I was nowhere ready to be sending emails out two years before.

The hardest part of this adventure of taking this small idea and building it, pitching it, shaping it, sharing it, etc. has been when I fall into a lull. It’s not that I got discouraged and I’m not working towards goals, but I’m not taking big strides forward. Some weeks I’ll network and have people love the idea and everyone will answer my emails, which will lead to a packed calendar and more introductions. Other weeks, with the same amount of work, I’ll just sit stagnantly wondering about what I could do better.

I know that people talk about how startups it goes from zero to 60 with just one connection or right marketing plan, but believe me you’ll be stalling out all the time before you reach that point. Transition periods and moments where I feel stuck have always been hard to me and even more so with this idea that I believe in so much. I use the lulls the reevaluate, to calm myself, to regain my confidence or to pull myself down from the clouds, whichever is needed at that point.

This is my story as a first-time entrepreneur, which I want to share with you. Look for posts with the How Do I Entrepreneur tag and photo to follow along with me. If you are an entrepreneur, I’d love to connect. I’m always looking for feedback and I’m currently looking for a CTO or recommendation for a great dev shop.

No one truly knows what they’re doing when it comes to startups. We’re all just taking educated guesses and getting by on luck. Why don’t we connect and increase our chances of success!


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