Justus Tickets is real now

It’s finally real! Justus Tickets that is. This week I incorporated using Gust Launch, which I can’t recommend enough to any first-time founders or anyone that just wants a great support system and a great perks package to make launching easier. But isn’t it pretty late in the year to launch, Jenn?

Yeah, it totally is and that is something I’ll put in my brain and take with me as a lesson. I was feeling pretty stagnant and like I was losing the interest of a few people that had said they would be part of a Friends and Family round because I wasn’t making any big moves. Turns out the whole process of preparing for those investments takes longer than I expected and I could’ve have waited until next year to incorporate to be spared being taxed for 2017, but it has lit a new fire within me to push forward that I really needed.

I have accepted that I’m going to make some mistakes. Hopefully, they will all be as easily noticeable as this one and without negative effects down the road for the company. It has helped me realize to seek out more help, which has lead to me applying for consultation from Vermont Slauson. I’ve been back on the hunt for different accelerator programs, have been networking like crazy (big shout of to the Shapr and Product Hunt community), and seeking out ways to learn any way I can. I even started learning how to code using freeCodeCamp because I want to be able to have more of a grasp on what is going on with the tech behind my company.

Someone from 4Fini is working on getting us a new logo, a style guide, and an updated deck. I took the time to move our feature set and our goals out of head onto paper to easily share with others. I have also been talking to a lot of different developers to understand what I can build for what cost and will hopefully be coming to a decision soon about how I want to build the site.

It was a big step and I am so thrilled I took it. I look forward to growing the community and all that is to come.

Thanks for being around for the very beginning of something new.


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