A Few of My Latest Faves

Chelsea Cutler – Snow in October EP

Listen here.


Harrison Sands – Trust (Feat. Abhi the Nomad)

Listen here.


The Jungle Giants – On Your Way Down

Listen here.


Neu Yeuth – Neu Yeuth EP

Listen here.


If you ever want to peruse my playlists that need to be broken down again for the music I listen to, you can head to my Spotify profile.


Writing When Writing Doesn’t Make Sense

I hope that even if one day I’m really successful that no one feels the need to write a biography about me. They would probably have to find 8 million things to figure out where I was deciding to write things down at a certain time. I write when I’m stressed and I write when good things happen. Sometimes it feels right to have in it this public of a space and sometimes it doesn’t. Lately, it’s been in my journal or in my Passion Planner that I’ve mentioned before.

Since the last time I wrote anything on here, I moved, started and finished a new internship with Bkstg, finished my graduate program, started working on launching my thesis project as a business, and my boyfriend moved in. Those are a lot of big updates that I didn’t share and instead just wrote down in my journal or elsewhere.

It isn’t because I didn’t want to share them, but instead, wasn’t sure how. “Write for your blog” has been on my to-do list for about a month now and I’d accomplish everything else and be left staring at those four words. I didn’t know how and couldn’t understand why.

Writing for me has always been a cathartic process for better or worse, but recently I’ve been handling relationships and self-care better. I didn’t feel the need to write to people I didn’t know. It scared me when I started feeling like I needed to write again. The first thought was that I was falling back into a depressive state. I knew that I ignored it last time from re-reading my journal and didn’t want to this time. I focused on reaching out to

I focused on reaching out to friends and family because after 24 years here I finally realized that the people that love me want to know what’s going on in my life whether it’s good or bad. I knew I wasn’t letting myself fall back to where I was but still felt a desire to write.

About what though? That’s where I am now. I have no idea how or what I want to write about moving forward. It is this weird state of confliction that I feel about the majority of things in my life right now.

I don’t know what I am going to write or what this blog will look like in three months, but I am determined to write if my brain says write. I hope you enjoy whatever comes next.

Five Minute Impact: Colleen Quill

My interview I did for my internship!

We Deliver Great Music

If you’re managing an artist or you’re an artist doing things on your own, then things can start to stack up quickly. Ever hop onto something like Facebook or Twitter and think, “I do this every day for my own life so why is it so hard to do for my music?” We get it. We totally, totally get it. That is why DashGo is launching Five Minute Impact with experts where together we’ll teach you the best ways to make an impact and grow your fan base in that five minutes you would have spent staring at your screen in panic mode.

Our first guest is Colleen Quill, marketing expert and owner of the popular Elle (we know you’re really jealous that her dog has more follows than you, we are too). Colleen has been in the entertainment industry for 10+ years with experience in every aspect you can…

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First week in LA: Complete

My first week in LA is over, which is insane. I still feel like I just got here. The week was so nice and I am starting to settle in and adjust to the area. The driving isn’t bad, but it’ll be a lot easier once I know where I’m going without a GPS. I love my apartment, but with the owner leaving a lot of decorations it’s hard to make it feel like mine.

Santa Monica Pier

I’ve been able to explore a little more and I am so in love with the west coast. The Media Ventueres crew took a trip to Santa Monica, visited the Getty Museum, and were able to check out some restaurants and bars.

I’ve been trying to walk around my neighborhood to get to know the area more and to figure out a nice walking route for Luna. Today, we were able to go on our first hike. That also meant driving on the PCH for the first time to get there. It was absolutely beautiful and the views from the hike were stunning.

Sandstone Peak trail
Luna ❤
View from 3,111 feet
View from my car after finishing the hike

I cannot wait to see what else this amazing place brings me.


I made it! Here I am in LA for my second semester of grad school. Driving across the country was not what I always romanticized it to be, but maybe it was because we didn’t have a lot of time and also had a dog with it. It was just breathtaking though. I would sit in the car and just stare out the window because I’ve never seen landscapes like some of the ones I experienced.

I’ve been here for 3 days now and I’m settling in pretty well. It’s been harder than any of my other moves in my life because there isn’t a plan or date for when I’ll be going “home.” I don’t know if it even makes sense to call it home since I spend so little time there. I am loving it though and I know once I have more going on and I learn my way and around the city, then it will feel more real.

I am so excited to be here. If anyone has suggestions on places to go, things to see, day trips, weekend trips or anything for LA, please share!

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Do resolutions count if you start them after New Year’s Day?

I don’t know if these count because I’m making them a week into January. Umm, my New Year’s Goals? Who cares. I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off during my break at home. I find I hold myself more accountable to things the more I write them down. So, here there are for posterity

2017 Resolutions (Goals):

  1. Keep being healthy! Walk, eat right, do yoga, ya know, the whole shebang
  2. Don’t let frustrations block you from working. This goes for school, work, blogs, etc.
  3. Let yourself be creative. Take photos, write, paint, draw, sing, and don’t give two fucks if anyone thinks it’s “good”

One semester down. Off to another

Better late than never, right? I’ve been done with my first semester of grad school for almost a month now and I am currently boogeying across the states to get ready to start my second. I’m finally driving all the way across the country (I promise I’ll make a post all about it once I get to California.)

MV17 babes at Inbound 2016

But back to the real reason I’m writing and that is to talk about how this semester went. I am pleased to report that I don’t think I’ve ever felt like I was on such a perfect path in life until this I started my grad program. Boston felt perfect. I love the people in my program. Everything seems like it is just falling into its correct place. 

My Boston home will always have a big chunk of my heart

It wasn’t always smiles and rainbows, but it got done and I actually did a lot better than I expected. I am even now leaning towards pursuing starting my company that is my thesis project after I finish my degree.

How insane is that? I left for this program thinking I would just cruise through the year and set myself up for a better career. Now, I have the confidence to pursue being an entrepreneur and have such amazing relationships whether they are new or old.

Got to show off Boston to a lot of friends, but also family like my aunt and sister

I absolutely fell in love with Boston. I was so excited that so many people I love were able to come up and visit. I was only there for four months and I was able to do so much. I do really enjoy this more nomadic lifestyle of being in places for just short amounts of time. We’ll see where that leads me.

I was able to have some great adventures in my four months. Diving with seals was probably my favorite

All I can do now is just keep trucking down this path that life has me on and smile at wherever I end up. Set on the present, but eager for being in LA and seeing where 2017 takes me.