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Hi world, especially humans that keep coming here even though I’ve been slacking so hard on my personal blog.

I started writing for Pairade over at The Collective. I’ll probably be there more often than not, but I’ll still be sharing here as much as I can.

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AirBNB: Not just for weekend getaways

I can’t stop telling all my friends that are going somewhere to check out AirBNB as well as hotels. Maybe it’s because I like feeling at home or being able to cook, but it’s probably that I have a real soft spot in my heart for new power companies. People helping people because hey, why not make some money making someone else’s life better. No matter the reason I love it, the world is starting to catch on and love is just as much as me. Even with it quickly gaining so much attention, a lot of users may be missing out on the service when they need it most.

I recently started a grad program at Boston University which requires me to be in Boston for only the fall semester. Four short months, then it’s time for a move to LA to finish my degree. If you have never tried to find a place for such a weird amount of time in a major city, then I can promise you from my experience that it is a pain. Everywhere I looked either did not accept my dog or wanted to hike my rent up to an insane amount to handle my weird lease length. One day I decided to just check AirBNB despite being pretty sure that I wouldn’t find anything. To my delight, I was very wrong.

I found an amazing place, right on a marina, with a park down the road and I don’t have to share my bathroom or kitchen with anyone. I did choose to stay outside of the city in Chelsea so I have a longer commute than most of my classmates, but I wouldn’t trade my place for somewhere within walking distance in a hot second. I’m saving money, I’m safe, I’m comfortable and I couldn’t ask for more from my hosts.

The next time you’re looking for a place to stay whether it’s a few nights or a few months, always remember to check out AirBNB!

Musical Identities

I fully stand by the idea that you can get to know someone a little better by seeing what kind of music they love. That’s why I am absolutely in love with the new Trading Playlists videos from Spotify. A lot of sports are always looking for ways to know just a little more about their favorite player. What type of person are they off the field and out of the public eye? I can absolutely see this series of video inspiring kids to listen to different music than what they typically do because their favorite athlete features it on their playlist.

The videos also give the fans a chance to see how a player reacts to their favorite songs and see the enthusiasm for sharing it with others. It’s a real maybe their just like us after all type of feel to see these guys so comfortable, laughing and dancing. Kudos to Spotify for coming up with a very cool way to interact with music and sports lovers. I’ll definitely be checking out all the videos.

Check this article out for more information and look on Spotify’s mobile app for all the videos

A Peek into Someone’s Brain

To understand the true quality of people, you must look into their minds, and examine their pursuits and aversions. -Marcus Aurelius

Listening to people talk about things that interest them or care about is one of my favorite things. A lot of people my age want to talk shit on people that get hype about things they care about when they talk, which I don’t fully understand. To watch someone’s body language change and to see someone have to try to physically not show how excited something gets them is one of the coolest and most interesting conversations you can have with someone.

It seems that you have to be on a certain level to talk about things in that manner or people just label you as a groupie or something along those lines. Those conversations don’t really exist just normally and only come about once in awhile with the right people. The one place I found they do exist, mostly all the time, are in good interviews. I’m not talking about ones that will probably end up on TV or the little snippets you would hear on the radio.

Sit down and pick some of your favorite people that are doing bigger things and look up interviews for them. Don’t tell yourself you have to sit through a whole hour if it sucks, but you might end up just watching interviews for half of your day on accident because they are so interesting.

Tyler, The Creator is one of my favorites that I can just watch for hours. He doesn’t want to be asked the typical questions or give typical answers. He wants to talk about what he cares about and how he turned that into whatever he wanted whether it was music, a clothing line, or a carnival. I remember watching the small clip of the interview Tyler did with Vince Staples and instantly having to get the Golf Media app because I wanted to watch the rest of it.

They talk about how they view things, how their brains work, things that get them excited and it’s so intriguing to me. So, if you want to get into someone else’s brain a little, then I suggest finding some good interviews and if they are really good, then send them to me to watch too.

Do Something Good for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow so a lot of people may be super bummed out or you may be stressed about what you think you should do for a fun date. I am here to say that whether you are single or involved that a great way to spend your day would be to do something good for the world around you! Service is the bees knees and will make you feel better and make people swoon at what a helpful babe you are to the community. It’s also a cool date activity.

Here are just a few ideas of what you could do this Valentine’s Day:

  1. Walk dogs at your local shelter or go socialize some cats if that’s your type of thing. A lot of shelters need help getting their pets exercised and socialized so why not help them out. If you are alone or if you’re with someone you care about, you might fall in love with a pet and that will be the best Valentine’s Day gift you ever receive.
  2. Give gifts that make a difference! There are tons of companies out there that support great initiatives by selling products. You can gift someone a wolf or an elephant or some other exotic animal (not really, but you still get cool stuff), buy a Love Your Melon hat, shop the Pura Vida charity based bracelets or buy wine for the night that will help others.
  3. Help clean up an area that you often visit. Do you like to hang out at a beach or hike a certain trail all the time? Well, go out and take a trash bag with you, then just starting picking up everything that doesn’t belong there! Make sure you take some gloves because sometimes it gets a little gross.
  4. Take time to visit seniors and let them tell you the stories of all of their best and worst Valentine’s Days. Take some candy or maybe some flowers to be on the safe side.
  5. Find other ways you can use your skills and talents to help the community! Are you a photographer, a writer, good with numbers or good at building things? Someone out there needs your help!

Make sure you take the time to figure out any requirements or restrictions for the activities before you run out of the house!

Have a beautiful Valentine’s Day whether you are in love or single!

So busy, but do something good!

Sorry little blog, I will be back soon when I finish these last two summer classes. In the mean time, I just wanted to share something that my friends let me know about and is super cool. It’s called Tabs for a Cause. All you have to do is sign up, which takes two minutes. The money create from advertisement revenue is donated and all because we spend too much time on the internet. So, make your browsing count and start racking up hearts to donate to great causes!

Tabs for a Cause

Pick It Up

Dear dog parents of the world, please pick up after your dog. I know it’s not fun, but it is necessary. I have such a hard time finding a place that allows me to have a dog in Northern Virginia. It only makes sense that this upscale neighborhoods don’t want to rent to someone that is going to inconvenience other residents. I can’t go to some parks or different outside areas that would be great because sometime before me careless dog owners where there first. I’m not asking that you make sure that every last bit is wiped off the blades of grass, but do your best. It makes me so angry when I walk my dog on the same path everyday and know that so many people that I frequently see might think that my dog and I are the one’s leaving the mess behind. So, if you need some encouragement to scoop, here it is.

  1. It is bad for the environment. Not only does it carry diseases that can affect people and other animals, but it contaminates the water supply. It also kills grass, which makes HOAs hate dogs even more. Stop hurting the environment and just pick it up.
  2. You’re making people restrict responsible dog owners from places. I can’t take my dog on this trail or into this natural park that is literally just wide open space? Wonder how much people had to step in poop that someone left behind before are furry friends finally got banned all together.
  3. It’s gross and karma will get you. Do you need another reason? It is super gross and if you are creating a bad name for other dog parents or ruining someone’s day by leaving it behind, then it’ll come back to you. Maybe by having to move somewhere else over pet restrictions or maybe by stepping in some without socks on.

It is really simple. There are so many great products for not only picking up, but also removal. You don’t need to get fancy and build your own dog poop septic tank system, but just picking it up can make a huge difference. If you want to do a little more without getting too serious, then flushing dog waste is the next best thing!