How Do I Entrepreneur?

What I’m working on

Scrolling through my blog the other day, it dawned on me that I’ve talked a lot about Justus Tickets and never fully explained it. One of the biggest things I’ve learned through my journey is how important feedback is whether it’s good or bad. Sometimes you talk through your idea so much that it seems like you couldn’t possibly find anyone else to run it by. There’s always someone else with a brand new way to look at what you are establishing, so if you can share it, then you should.

Justus Tickets came from me being a big music fan and being so let down every time I missed out on primary sales and had to head to resale sites to buy tickets. It often meant I couldn’t afford to go and watched tickets go unsold. I realized how much more of a problem it was when I was working at a venue. Excited fans would run up to me with their tickets only to have that excitement quickly ended when I told them the tickets they paid so much for were at the top of the arena.

I wanted to create a space where I could help fans get the ticket for a price they deserved, help bring fans closer to the artists they loved, and still support artists. It lead to forming Justus Tickets, which started as just a simple idea for a face-value secondary marketplace and grew to be so much more from great suggestions and feedback.

So, what is it now? It’s where fans will be able to turn to for their modern-day miracle ticket.

Justus Tickets is an exclusive marketplace just for fans and the artists they love. A place where they can support each other through the buying and reselling of concert tickets without being taken advantage of or being cut out by commercial resellers.

 Our goal is to create a safe and fair secondary marketplace for fans and the artists they support. We do this by using Passion Points, which are rewarded through social platform integration. Fans are rewarded for their support of artists. These points validate them – providing access to a fairly priced marketplace.

 Fans prove their passion before gaining access so sellers are assured that tickets remain in the hands of those who actually love the artist and their music. In our marketplace, the fans are in it together. The maximum markup is 20% over face-value. Sellers make their money back and true fans get to see their favorites at a reasonable price.

 Sellers receive 80% of the profits and the remaining 20%  is split between the artist (or their chosen charity) and Justus.

It’s just the beginning and if we do it right, then it has a bright future, scaleable that will build closer relationships between artists and their fans.

I’d love your feedback, suggestions, or tips getting this up and running. I look forward to hearing from everyone from fellow music lovers to entrepreneurs.


No Christmas music here

The Christmas spirit hasn’t hit me yet so here is what has been keeping me going the last few weeks.

Jaden Smith – Syre

Listen here.

syre jaden

If you haven’t listened to it yet, I highly suggest you do. Just put aside any thoughts that you might have just because he’s who he is.

FYOHNA – Called It Love

Listen here.


The Smith Street Band – More Scared of You Than You Are of Me

Listen here.


Young Mister – Soft Rock

Listen here.


Sage Hitomi – over u

Listen here.



Sticking with a hobby

Recently, my boyfriend suggested to me that I need to find a hobby that I can dedicate myself too. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately and why I don’t really have one that I’m deeply passionate about despite being involved in a lot of different things. It really comes down to two things one that isn’t a problem, but that has helped me on my path in life and the other which is definitely a problem that I need to work.

The first being that I’ve always had such an interest in learning new things and discovering new information. This is what lead me to choose my graduate program and what brought me to where I am now. It keeps me going and always striving to improve myself in some way, but sometimes it means I dive into things that I don’t always finish.

That brings me to the second aspect of what keeps me from really excelling at dedicating myself to any of my hobbies. I struggle with sticking with things through when I feel inadequate at them. When photography was one of my main focuses it would be extremely frustrating that I did not edit well so if I didn’t get it right in camera, then that’s where it ended for me. It has kept me from sticking with a lot of things and it’s the biggest thing I want to work on personally right now.

I plan on finding a guitar I can start practicing again. I played when I was younger but didn’t stick with it. I love music and people are always surprised with how passionate I am about it that I don’t play any instruments. It’s somewhere start. I’m not looking to be perfect, but to be able to get past my issues with giving things up before I can grow with them.

I know it won’t just give me a great hobby, but help me elsewhere in my life as well. If you know any sites, videos, etc. for learning guitar, then send them my way!

How Do I Entrepreneur?

Dealing with Every Time You Fall into a Lull

When I started building out the idea of Justus Tickets, it was for a Communication in Business class during my time at George Mason University. It just had to write out a business plan and after that, I figured it was going to fade into the past like many other projects. The idea wouldn’t leave my head and I decided to send a cold email to Communion Music and actually got a response back to only get told that they weren’t interested. After that rejection, it went back into the back of my brain. The biggest lull the idea would experience would be from that time until I started my graduate program.

It was an easy choice to pull the idea back out of the little closet in the back on my brain when I was pitching startup ideas for my Media Ventures thesis project. Even amongst other great ideas, the one that settled with my classmates and professors as the best on was Justus Tickets. I know now that after building it out so much that I was nowhere ready to be sending emails out two years before.

The hardest part of this adventure of taking this small idea and building it, pitching it, shaping it, sharing it, etc. has been when I fall into a lull. It’s not that I got discouraged and I’m not working towards goals, but I’m not taking big strides forward. Some weeks I’ll network and have people love the idea and everyone will answer my emails, which will lead to a packed calendar and more introductions. Other weeks, with the same amount of work, I’ll just sit stagnantly wondering about what I could do better.

I know that people talk about how startups it goes from zero to 60 with just one connection or right marketing plan, but believe me you’ll be stalling out all the time before you reach that point. Transition periods and moments where I feel stuck have always been hard to me and even more so with this idea that I believe in so much. I use the lulls the reevaluate, to calm myself, to regain my confidence or to pull myself down from the clouds, whichever is needed at that point.

This is my story as a first-time entrepreneur, which I want to share with you. Look for posts with the How Do I Entrepreneur tag and photo to follow along with me. If you are an entrepreneur, I’d love to connect. I’m always looking for feedback and I’m currently looking for a CTO or recommendation for a great dev shop.

No one truly knows what they’re doing when it comes to startups. We’re all just taking educated guesses and getting by on luck. Why don’t we connect and increase our chances of success!


A Few of My Latest Faves

Chelsea Cutler – Snow in October EP

Listen here.


Harrison Sands – Trust (Feat. Abhi the Nomad)

Listen here.


The Jungle Giants – On Your Way Down

Listen here.


Neu Yeuth – Neu Yeuth EP

Listen here.


If you ever want to peruse my playlists that need to be broken down again for the music I listen to, you can head to my Spotify profile.


Writing When Writing Doesn’t Make Sense

I hope that even if one day I’m really successful that no one feels the need to write a biography about me. They would probably have to find 8 million things to figure out where I was deciding to write things down at a certain time. I write when I’m stressed and I write when good things happen. Sometimes it feels right to have in it this public of a space and sometimes it doesn’t. Lately, it’s been in my journal or in my Passion Planner that I’ve mentioned before.

Since the last time I wrote anything on here, I moved, started and finished a new internship with Bkstg, finished my graduate program, started working on launching my thesis project as a business, and my boyfriend moved in. Those are a lot of big updates that I didn’t share and instead just wrote down in my journal or elsewhere.

It isn’t because I didn’t want to share them, but instead, wasn’t sure how. “Write for your blog” has been on my to-do list for about a month now and I’d accomplish everything else and be left staring at those four words. I didn’t know how and couldn’t understand why.

Writing for me has always been a cathartic process for better or worse, but recently I’ve been handling relationships and self-care better. I didn’t feel the need to write to people I didn’t know. It scared me when I started feeling like I needed to write again. The first thought was that I was falling back into a depressive state. I knew that I ignored it last time from re-reading my journal and didn’t want to this time. I focused on reaching out to

I focused on reaching out to friends and family because after 24 years here I finally realized that the people that love me want to know what’s going on in my life whether it’s good or bad. I knew I wasn’t letting myself fall back to where I was but still felt a desire to write.

About what though? That’s where I am now. I have no idea how or what I want to write about moving forward. It is this weird state of confliction that I feel about the majority of things in my life right now.

I don’t know what I am going to write or what this blog will look like in three months, but I am determined to write if my brain says write. I hope you enjoy whatever comes next.


Five Minute Impact: Colleen Quill

My interview I did for my internship!

We Deliver Great Music

If you’re managing an artist or you’re an artist doing things on your own, then things can start to stack up quickly. Ever hop onto something like Facebook or Twitter and think, “I do this every day for my own life so why is it so hard to do for my music?” We get it. We totally, totally get it. That is why DashGo is launching Five Minute Impact with experts where together we’ll teach you the best ways to make an impact and grow your fan base in that five minutes you would have spent staring at your screen in panic mode.

Our first guest is Colleen Quill, marketing expert and owner of the popular Elle (we know you’re really jealous that her dog has more follows than you, we are too). Colleen has been in the entertainment industry for 10+ years with experience in every aspect you can…

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