Jamming into 2018

Another dose of what I’ve been listening to lately. I dove into a lot of different end of 2017 lists and found some music that I LOVE that I missed out on.

Alma – Chasing Highs (Courtesy of the Jenna & Julien Podcast)

Listen here.


The Clicks – The Clicks

Listen here.

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 10.05.09 PM

Billie Eilish – dont smile at me

Listen here.


Francis & the Lights – Just for Us

Listen here.


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Looking forward responsibly

Happy 2018 to those that have reached it (we still have a couple hours of 2017 left here on the west coast.) The New Year is the perfect time to reflect back on the year and decide what you want to stay the same and what changes need to be made for the upcoming year. On Twitter lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about what people tend to leave behind and some left me unsettled.

I understand wanting to make better changes, but one thing that can quickly ruin a new outlook on the year is setting really unrealistic goals. One of the biggest that I saw were people saying that they were “leaving” their depression, anxiety, and various other mental health issues in 2017. This idea has even been supported by some of my favorite mental health organizations and advocates. But here’s the thing, mental health illnesses aren’t those clothes you don’t wear or bad habits.

For me, it feels like a very destructive discourse to let people feel that these things can be left behind. You can be doing everything right like talking to a therapist regularly, taking your medicine, or keeping up with whatever self-care routine works for you and still have really bad days. Making it a resolution or saying that you were leaving those things behind can make it so much harder to get through your bad days because not only are you having a bad day, but you failed at keeping a resolution or goal for the entire year. I know when those type of things happen for me where I feel like I failed on something big like that, then it can lead me to spiral a little bit.

There’s nothing wrong with setting goals/making resolutions, but don’t let the chatter on social media or from those around you to set unrealistic goals. Mental illnesses don’t ever “go away” or are “left behind,” but they are manageable. Make your goals surrounding what you’re going to do to manage them, how you’ll deal with bad days, and forgive yourself if 2018 doesn’t go exactly as planned. I know 2017 didn’t go exactly as I planned, but all you can do is continue forward with a plan to do better, thank your past self for the experiences, and also forgive yourself for the not great stuff.

That’s what I’ll be keeping in mind while I set my goals and resolutions for 2018. Feel free to share yours, share your stories, or let me know how you plan on forgiving your past self in order to move forward.

Happy New Year! I’m glad we all made it another year.

How Do I Entrepreneur?

Justus Tickets is real now

It’s finally real! Justus Tickets that is. This week I incorporated using Gust Launch, which I can’t recommend enough to any first-time founders or anyone that just wants a great support system and a great perks package to make launching easier. But isn’t it pretty late in the year to launch, Jenn?

Yeah, it totally is and that is something I’ll put in my brain and take with me as a lesson. I was feeling pretty stagnant and like I was losing the interest of a few people that had said they would be part of a Friends and Family round because I wasn’t making any big moves. Turns out the whole process of preparing for those investments takes longer than I expected and I could’ve have waited until next year to incorporate to be spared being taxed for 2017, but it has lit a new fire within me to push forward that I really needed.

I have accepted that I’m going to make some mistakes. Hopefully, they will all be as easily noticeable as this one and without negative effects down the road for the company. It has helped me realize to seek out more help, which has lead to me applying for consultation from Vermont Slauson. I’ve been back on the hunt for different accelerator programs, have been networking like crazy (big shout of to the Shapr and Product Hunt community), and seeking out ways to learn any way I can. I even started learning how to code using freeCodeCamp because I want to be able to have more of a grasp on what is going on with the tech behind my company.

Someone from 4Fini is working on getting us a new logo, a style guide, and an updated deck. I took the time to move our feature set and our goals out of head onto paper to easily share with others. I have also been talking to a lot of different developers to understand what I can build for what cost and will hopefully be coming to a decision soon about how I want to build the site.

It was a big step and I am so thrilled I took it. I look forward to growing the community and all that is to come.

Thanks for being around for the very beginning of something new.


What music got me through the week

I am thinking that I am going to start posting my little soundtracks weekly. It will make it easier for more to pick music and share things with you all without making GIANT posts.

Let’s get into what I’ve been listening to this week then!

Morgan Saint – YOU

Listen here.


Jeff Rosenstock – WORRY.

Listen here.


Maggie Rogers – Split Stones

Listen here.

maggie rogers split stones cover

Interested in checking out music I was listening to in 2017 that I didn’t list here? Check out my 2017 Wrapped Playlist.

How Do I Entrepreneur?

What I’m working on

Scrolling through my blog the other day, it dawned on me that I’ve talked a lot about Justus Tickets and never fully explained it. One of the biggest things I’ve learned through my journey is how important feedback is whether it’s good or bad. Sometimes you talk through your idea so much that it seems like you couldn’t possibly find anyone else to run it by. There’s always someone else with a brand new way to look at what you are establishing, so if you can share it, then you should.

Justus Tickets came from me being a big music fan and being so let down every time I missed out on primary sales and had to head to resale sites to buy tickets. It often meant I couldn’t afford to go and watched tickets go unsold. I realized how much more of a problem it was when I was working at a venue. Excited fans would run up to me with their tickets only to have that excitement quickly ended when I told them the tickets they paid so much for were at the top of the arena.

I wanted to create a space where I could help fans get the ticket for a price they deserved, help bring fans closer to the artists they loved, and still support artists. It lead to forming Justus Tickets, which started as just a simple idea for a face-value secondary marketplace and grew to be so much more from great suggestions and feedback.

So, what is it now? It’s where fans will be able to turn to for their modern-day miracle ticket.

Justus Tickets is an exclusive marketplace just for fans and the artists they love. A place where they can support each other through the buying and reselling of concert tickets without being taken advantage of or being cut out by commercial resellers.

 Our goal is to create a safe and fair secondary marketplace for fans and the artists they support. We do this by using Passion Points, which are rewarded through social platform integration. Fans are rewarded for their support of artists. These points validate them – providing access to a fairly priced marketplace.

 Fans prove their passion before gaining access so sellers are assured that tickets remain in the hands of those who actually love the artist and their music. In our marketplace, the fans are in it together. The maximum markup is 20% over face-value. Sellers make their money back and true fans get to see their favorites at a reasonable price.

 Sellers receive 80% of the profits and the remaining 20%  is split between the artist (or their chosen charity) and Justus.

It’s just the beginning and if we do it right, then it has a bright future, scaleable that will build closer relationships between artists and their fans.

I’d love your feedback, suggestions, or tips getting this up and running. I look forward to hearing from everyone from fellow music lovers to entrepreneurs.


No Christmas music here

The Christmas spirit hasn’t hit me yet so here is what has been keeping me going the last few weeks.

Jaden Smith – Syre

Listen here.

syre jaden

If you haven’t listened to it yet, I highly suggest you do. Just put aside any thoughts that you might have just because he’s who he is.

FYOHNA – Called It Love

Listen here.


The Smith Street Band – More Scared of You Than You Are of Me

Listen here.


Young Mister – Soft Rock

Listen here.


Sage Hitomi – over u

Listen here.



Sticking with a hobby

Recently, my boyfriend suggested to me that I need to find a hobby that I can dedicate myself too. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately and why I don’t really have one that I’m deeply passionate about despite being involved in a lot of different things. It really comes down to two things one that isn’t a problem, but that has helped me on my path in life and the other which is definitely a problem that I need to work.

The first being that I’ve always had such an interest in learning new things and discovering new information. This is what lead me to choose my graduate program and what brought me to where I am now. It keeps me going and always striving to improve myself in some way, but sometimes it means I dive into things that I don’t always finish.

That brings me to the second aspect of what keeps me from really excelling at dedicating myself to any of my hobbies. I struggle with sticking with things through when I feel inadequate at them. When photography was one of my main focuses it would be extremely frustrating that I did not edit well so if I didn’t get it right in camera, then that’s where it ended for me. It has kept me from sticking with a lot of things and it’s the biggest thing I want to work on personally right now.

I plan on finding a guitar I can start practicing again. I played when I was younger but didn’t stick with it. I love music and people are always surprised with how passionate I am about it that I don’t play any instruments. It’s somewhere start. I’m not looking to be perfect, but to be able to get past my issues with giving things up before I can grow with them.

I know it won’t just give me a great hobby, but help me elsewhere in my life as well. If you know any sites, videos, etc. for learning guitar, then send them my way!